Marie Bach Holm

Marie Bach Holm

Marie Bach Holm is a Danish ‘Material Investigator’, currently finishing her MA in printed textiles at the Royal College of Art. Exploring the future of sustainable plastics, she intends to challenge the aesthetics of recycling, creating a collection of desirable materials made from waste plastic.

After completing her BA at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Marie worked for Danish set designer Mia Stensgaard, developing designs for the opera ‘Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg’ at Covent Garden 2017.
Moving to London in 2016 to continue her studies at the Royal College of Art, she decided to combine her love of theatre and storytelling with material development. Receiving a commendation from PriestmanGoode for her project on the future of sustainable materials for aircraft interiors.

Continuing to work with sustainable materials, Marie is currently investigating the future of plastic recycling for her thesis project.
Transforming household waste as well as plastic found at the Thames into new material concepts and narratives.
Exploring how recycled plastic will become a valued material in the future, it was a natural step to combine this with the technology of our future – 3D printing.
This project combines plastic recycling, traditional textile dyeing and pattern making techniques with 3D printing. Believing the choice of material and colour to be equally important as the shape and design of a product, Marie seeks to explore the possibilities of a more artistic and unique filament concept.
Marie also challenges the making process, examining how ‘the handmade’ can be incorporated into the 3D printing process, whether it’s by hand dyeing filament or deforming printed objects.
Her research will be combined into a sustainable collection of desirable materials, made to promote and inspire the future of recycling.

Marie will be exhibiting her material collection at the Royal College of Art’s Final Show in June 2018.

Instagram: @mariebach_com