Marilyn Comrie OBE

Marilyn Comrie OBE

Award winning serial entrepreneur, former BBC journalist, leadership coach and STEM ambassador who specialises in kickstarting game changing enterprises that challenge the status quo. Director of The Blair Project which is making motorsport more inclusive, affordable and accessible and is working to close the gender gap in motorsport by championing girl racers. About to launch a new sports fashion brand called Formula Girl to mobilise the $18 trillion strong global spending power of women to give professional sports women a much needed lifeline. Only 0.4% of corporate investment in sport is spent on women’s teams.


The raw productive power of 3D printing has proven to be a powerful key to unlock the immense creativity and potential of young people, of all abilities and expand their awareness of what is possible, in terms of careers and their futures

The CREATE Education Project is a powerhouse of knowledge, expertise, resources and connections that we have and will continue to draw upon to innovate and grow our ideas – they make the impossible, possible. Without the CREATE Education Project our ProtoGP Schools Kart Challenge would never have gotten off the ground!

Marilyn Comrie OBE – The Blair Project