Raunaq Dua

Raunaq Dua

A young tech entrepreneur, Raunaq founded his company CURIOSITY 3D with the mission to introduce 3D Printing in Indian education.
He is a mechanical engineer with an M.Sc. in Additive Manufacturing from Loughborough University UK. He has previously worked with 3DGBIRE in the UK.

CURIOSITY 3D is working in India with universities and industry to spread knowledge of 3D Printing. CURIOSITY 3D is also an AUTODESK Learning Partner for India.

“ We’re all working towards the same goal: the collective enlightenment of mankind. We might contribute to this directly or indirectly, but we all do.
Quoting Elon Musk “if we can advance the Knowledge of the world, if we can expand the scope and scale of consciousness, then, we’re better able to ask the right questions and become more enlightened. That’s the only way to move forward.”
Education is one of the powerful tools that drives knowledge. Therefore, within the domain of education, we need even more powerful tools. Tools that drive our curiosity and creativity. One such tool is 3D Printing. “

– Raunaq Dua

Raunaq Dua
Founder at Curiosity 3D

Contact: raunaqdua@curiosity3d.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raunaqdua/
To know more: www.curiosity3d.com