Robyn Townsend

Robyn Townsend

I am an artist, designer, maker and the Lab Engineer Lead for the Barclays TusPark Eagle Lab in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have 10 years’ experience in making products and problem-solving designs for clients but I still love learning something new!

My background is in Art and Design / Contemporary Crafts. I graduated in with a degree in Glass and Ceramics. I spent a number of years making and exhibiting internationally as well as designing/making work for other artists for professional shows and sale.

I have worked as a design consultant and maker of larger sculptures, installations and products.

Before coming to Barclays I was employed a Technician for the University of Sunderland using their CNC Waterjet and teaching at The National Glass Centre well as working in FabLab Sunderland.

I worked in business support, prototyping and making large-scale commissions but also running workshops and classes in digital fabrication.