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STEM subjects don’t just power our products; they power the world

That’s why we’re committed to advancing STEM subjects among the scientists and engineers of tomorrow; from their first forays at three years old, to honing their ambitions at the age of 19.

Whether it’s via our annual Science Prize, our inspiring Work Experience opportunities, or any of the other initiatives and partnerships that are part of our STEM Education Outreach Programme, we’re forging exciting connections between STEM in the classroom and STEM in the wider world.

That could mean coming up with an idea for autonomous lifeboats, or learning about the science at play within everything from painting to cooking. Whatever the project, it’s about providing the same thrill that our engineers get from their everyday work, early on in life. To make sure we reach as many people as possible, we have over 1,400 STEM Ambassadors globally, with around 1,200 in the UK from all parts of the business. All of our graduates and apprentices also take part in year long community or education projects.