Sheridan Chilvers

Sheridan Chilvers

Creative-Dimensions was established by Sheridan Chilvers in Nottingham. It provides 3D printing and scanning services to individuals, educational providers and businesses. Creative-Dimensions has also developed a range of educational workshops which aim to unleash creativity in Primary and Secondary schools, while also promoting digital literacy and skill development.

Sheridan’s background encompass sustainability, enterprise and design.

Sheridan worked for The Energy Saving Trust where he provided energy advice and managed the East Midlands Green Communities Programme. He was also one of thirty individuals selected to represent the UK in the British Councils’ Challenge Europe Programme.

After completing an MSc in Environmental Management at the University of Nottingham, he was awarded the prestigious Nottingham Roosevelt Scholarship to research and meet social entrepreneurs. He even spent 3 days living with Haven Roosevelt, the Grandson of President F.D.Roosevelt.

Upon returning to Nottingham he took up the role of Entrepreneur-In-Residence at New College Nottingham where he supported students setting up their own business, hosted industry events and managed cross college competitions. After learning more about 3D printing while on a work trip to the USA he decided to launch Creative-Dimensions to promote 3D printing and digital technology.

Since its launch Creative-Dimension has successfully delivered educational workshops and participated in industry events across Nottinghamshire. Sheridan is a registered STEM Ambassador and Mayor of Nottingham for 3D Hubs.