Over the past 8 years, Wyndham Primary Academy has gone from being labelled as a bottom 200 school in the country in terms of performance and attainment in 2011, to an Outstanding school by Ofsted in 2014, designated as a Research School for Derby and awarded World Class School status in 2017. On October 24th 2019, Wyndham Primary Academy became the UK’s first Primary Education 3D printing hub in collaboration with CREATE Education and Rolls-Royce.

Wyndham has embraced a new approach to the curriculum, incorporating topic led work and the use of technology to make learning fun and exciting. Helping teachers to become more confident in planning outside their comfort zone,  sharing the learning experience with pupils. Developing a radio station, 4D room and IPad’s within learning experiences.

CREATE Education, together with Rolls-Royce complied a complete package of technology and support worth thousands of pounds: Ultimaker 3D Printers, software, curriculum consultation, curriculum CPD including technical training, plus lifetime curriculum and technical support. This went to the school completely free of charge, to engage pupils, deliver the curriculum and raise attainment within a region where attainment scores are below the national average.

This gives the UK’s first Primary Education 3D printing hub a chance to put innovation at the heart of some of their Research School work, embracing the technology as a cross-curricular tool, setting their pupils up for as many career choices as possible and raising their exposure to new skills.


Wyndham Primary Academy