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The Crafts Council is the national development agency for contemporary craft in the United Kingdom, funded by Arts Council England. The Crafts Council believe that the future of craft lies in nurturing talent; children and young people must be able to learn about craft at school and have access to excellent teaching throughout their education. The Crafts Council deliver a number of education outreach projects, two of which the CREATE Education Project are proud to support by publicising the projects to our educational community and through the loan of 3D printers.

Make:Shift:Do is a¬†nationwide programme of craft¬†innovation workshops for children and young people.¬†Makerspaces, fablabs, museums, galleries, and libraries nationwide throw open their doors for one weekend each year, offering a range of¬†making workshops and activities¬†to open children’s eyes to the potential of new craft.¬†All events are designed to give families, children and young people a taste of the future of making.

Make Your Future is a hands-on programme that connects traditional craft with digital technologies. The project brings together Higher Education Institutions, cultural partners, secondary schools, and makers to reignite a passion for making in schools and tackle some of the challenges faced by craft education. The project is shining a light on craft as a cross-curricular bridge which draws together science, technology, and creative subjects. In all regions, professional makers have been recruited to work alongside teachers to deliver cutting-edge workshops in schools. Makers have carried out audits of school equipment and supported teachers to put under-used resources to work and offer students new experiences of making.

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