3D Printing in the Curriculum CPD

Develop, deliver and manage 3D printing projects with your students effectively with our range of half or full day, professional development courses.

Courses are delivered directly at your institution to groups of up to 10 educators (and/or students). Either from your institution or invited delegates from other local organisations in your network.

Our 3D printing curriculum courses all form part of the CREATE Certified CPD Program.

Delegates will receive a CREATE Education Bronze “3D Educator” Certificate and will be eligible to continue onto the Silver 3D Practitioner and then onto the Gold 3D Master Teacher program.

3D Printing in classroom

All of our courses include:

  • Overview of the 3D printing process
  • 3D design tools, techniques and selecting appropriate 3D modelling software
  • How to utilise and embed 3D printing within your subject area(s)
  • How to develop and progress pupils skills in 3D design and printing
  • Age/stage specific 3D printing skills and projects
  • How to manage the 3D printing workflow in an educational environment
  • How to deal with technical issues and access support
  • Budgeting for and managing ongoing running costs
  • Where to access classroom resources and 3D files

Courses are delivered directly at your institution to groups of up to 10 educators (and/or students) from your institution or from other local organisations in your network.

Costs are from £300 per half day course and £500 per full day course, dependent upon location.

If you have less than 10 participants, offering out places on the course to other local schools can help to spread the cost of the CPD.

3D Printing in classroom

Duration: Half day

This introduction to 3D printing course is available with a Primary or Secondary focus and can be tailored to specific subject areas if required. It provides a complete overview and experience of the 3D printing process.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to 3D printing (how it works)
  • The 3D printing process (design-slice-3D print)
  • Practical activity (2D design to 3D model)
  • Introduction to slicing (slicing a model in Cura using recommended settings)
  • 3D printing (print models)
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Health & Safety
  • 3D Skills progression and example projects
  • Embedding 3D printing across the curriculum (or in your specific subject area)

Duration: Full day

This introduction to 3D printing course is available with a Primary or Secondary focus and can be tailored to specific subject areas if required. Providing a greater depth of experience in the 3D printing process.

In addition to the half day course, this course also covers:

  • 3D CAD – software options, introduction to Tinkercad and design task
  • Designing for 3D printing
  • Cura – manipulating models and Cura advanced slicing settings
  • 3D printing tips and tricks
  • Maintenance, common print problems and troubleshooting

Duration: Full day

This course contains similar content to the full day general curriculum course.

However, it specifically focuses on the Design Technology curriculum opportunities and projects, including:

  • KS3 Design technology projects and skills progression
  • CAD software – overview of Fusion 360* and progression from Tinkercad
  • KS4 projects and opportunities for embedding 3D printing within coursework
  • Industrial applications of 3D printing and future gazing
  • Impact of 3D printing on industry, enterprise, sustainability, people, culture, society and the environment, production techniques and systems

*Please note, this course does not include Fusion 360 training, just an overview of the software. For Fusion 360 specific training, please take a look at our complimentary range of Autodesk Certified Courses.


“Very good course, likely to improve my teaching, highly recommended.”

Pat Breman, Teacher, St Mary’s Academy

“I really enjoyed the session; I learned a lot and gained a greater appreciation of 3D printing and possibilities in the classroom.”

Pat Boylan, Teacher, Skerries Community College

“Fantastic, well delivered and completely engaging course.”

Paul Horstead, DT Subject Leader, Priory School

“Excellent presentations and purposeful content, presented at the right pitch. Very informative and accessible, can easily include 3D printing into current schemes. I enjoyed the practical activity and opportunity to speak with other teachers.”

Claire Nobes, Head of Technology, The Castle School

3D printer BETT

Other Training

Autodesk Software Training

As an Autodesk Authorised Academic Partner, we can deliver Autodesk Certified Training to staff or groups of students.

CREATE Tutorials

Online Training

Access online 3D printing CPD, Tinkercad and Fusion 360 tutorials and fully resourced projects through the PrintLab Classroom Portal. Perfect for learning at your own pace or if are unable to attend face-to-face training.

Product Technical Training

Get started quickly and efficiently with our bespoke product technical training.

Available for both software and hardware, with maintenance tips to ensure maximum productivity.



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