Certified 3D Educator Program

All of our 3D printing curriculum courses form part of the CREATE Education Certified CPD Program.

Delegates will receive a CREATE Education Bronze “3D Educator” Certificate on completion of either a half or full day course.

Bronze 3D educators will then be eligible to continue onto the Silver 3D Practitioner and finally onto the Gold 3D Master Teacher program.

Further details on each of the award criteria are below

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  • Attend a half day or full day Curriculum CPD Course.
  • Register to CREATE Education and join the Course CREATE Connect Group.
  • Design a 3D model, slice and prepare the file for 3D printing and 3D print the model.
  • Contribute at least one activity or project idea for utilising 3D printing linked to the curriculum to the course CREATE Connect group.
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  • Develop a new 3D printing project or 3D printing activity that enhances an existing project.
  • Produce a SOW, Lesson Plans and other resources for delivering the project.
  • Deliver the project to a group of students.
  • Share with other educators by submitting your project resources and a blog about the project in action with CREATE Education.
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  • Disseminate 3D printer training to other teachers in your school or another school in your network.
  • Mentor at least two teachers to allow them to develop their own 3D Printing knowledge and skills.
  • Support each colleague to develop a unique project or activity linked to the curriculum that utilises 3D printing, then to run their project with a group of students.
  • Be an active member of CREATE Connect, offering support and advice to other educators.


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