About 3D Printing

3D printing is a process where a digital model created using computer-aided design software (CAD)  is turned into a physical three-dimensional object by adding material a layer at a time.

It is also known as additive manufacturing and is changing the way in which we manufacture and create, but not just in industry.

Innovative designs are being used to develop machine parts, prosthetic limbs, sustainable housing and even 3D-printed medications.

Empower your students to produce real world solutions and prepare them with needed skills to thrive in future careers.

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About 3D printing, introducation to 3d printing, education, ultimaker, classroom, education, UK

What is 3D Printing Video

Developed and kindly shared by CREATE Education Ambassador Professor Tim Minshall.

About 3D printing, introducation to 3d printing, education, ultimaker, classroom, education, UK

Introduction to 3D Printing

Apply your learning with our introduction to 3D printing lesson for students

The 3D Printing Process

Downloadable resource illustrating the 3D printing process

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3D Printing Education Guides

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Inspiration and Ideas

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