School 3D Printing Workshops

Inspire and engage students with a 3D printing workshop

Our cross-curricular workshops have been developed to help schools deliver a wider curriculum experience and to introduce students to 3D printing technology and 3D modelling software.

The different themed workshops are for Years 2-8. Each workshop is fully mapped to the curriculum in all relevant subject areas e.g. Design Technology, Computing, Mathematics, Science, Art, Literacy and History.

Each workshop provides:

  • A complete project around a topic.
  • Resources fully mapped to the relevant curriculum areas.
  • A copy of all the workshop resources, enabling them to run the workshop with other groups of students in the future.
  • Potential to take advantage of our CREATE Education 3D printer loan scheme.

During the workshop’s students will:

  • Learn how 3D printers work.
  • Discover some of the applications of 3D printing.
  • Design and create their own 3D model.

All workshops:

  • Run for half a day*
  • With a maximum of 30 students
  • Require a teacher to be present
    *2½ – 3hrs to work around individual school day timings

Workshops cost from £300 per workshop (dependent upon location)

From 2D to 3D Printing Workshop

Ancient Egypt Workshop

Algorithm Art Workshop

Shape Heroes Workshop

Bloodhound Car Workshop


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Learning Resources

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Discover a range of CAD software options that are open source or free for educational use.

Education Guides

Download our range of guides to assist in integrating 3D printing and STEAM technologies in education.

All CPD Resources

Take a look at our range of free CPD resources to assist in the teaching and learning of 3D printing.

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