CREATE Education Loan Scheme

We want to inspire and empower all young people to be creative, innovative and develop skills for the future by providing cutting-edge technologies to teachers and educators.

CREATE Education’s Mission

Accessibility is at the core of CREATE Education. We know that before embedding new technologies, teachers and educators want to be sure that they are easy to use, quick to set up, and engaging to their pupils. 

That is why we offer a range of 3D printing, scanning, and forming technologies on our loan scheme. Our Loan Scheme means that you can trial these technologies within your school or organisation for a period of 5 weeks, whilst allowing you to complete projects and measure real results.

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The 3d printer was amazing. I could not believe that I could design something online and then 45 minutes later it was in my hands. It’s like magic!

Student Quote

What can I loan?

You can loan: 

Along with the loan of the Dremel 3D45 or Ultimaker 2+ Connect, you will also get a free roll of filament, meaning that you can get to work on your project straight away, without paying out any more money. 

If you loan a Mayku Vaccuum Former, individually or as part of a bundle, we will provide you with some sheets to get you started.

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Having the 3d Printer in the school provided the pupils with a real sense of awe and wonder. They saw how a design online can be sliced and printed into a 3d model. Staff and pupils all enjoyed seeing the printer in action and loved having something purposeful from the experience!

Mr Hibble, Mellor Primary School

Our Loan Scheme is very popular and although we have several 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, and Vacuum Formers available to support the scheme, we may not have a machine available immediately. If you are planning to trial this technology through a future project, please contact us so that we can advise on availability and schedule a potential date for the loan period. If you have any questions regarding the loan scheme or if you require the printer for a longer or shorter time, please contact us on 01257 01257 228393 or email

Loan Bundles

You can loan our technology items individually, but for no extra cost to your organisation, we offer a loan bundle whereby you can loan a Mayku FormBox and 3D Printer together for the 5 week period, allowing you to unlock the full potential of these amazing technologies. 

When you apply, just check the loan bundle option to reserve your Mayku FormBox and 3D printer together.

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We cannot recommend the the CREATE Education Project highly enough! The children in our primary school have benefitted from learning real-life skills that have helped to increase engagement in STEM across the board from boys and girls to high attainers and low. We’ll definitely be wanting to be part of this again for future cohorts and would urge other schools to take part too!

Mr Pheby, Primary Teacher.

Here to fully support you

As well as your loan machine and consumables (if it is a 3D printer) you will also receive full support to get you started. This includes: 

  • A virtual ‘set up’ session with a CREATE Education staff member to take you through the machine and ensure it is working.
  • Access to a virtual ‘project ideas’ session delivered by a CREATE Education staff member to help provide practical ideas in how to get the most out of having the machine and your loan.
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Their loan scheme for 3d printers is simply phenomenal and has been a great help to my organisation. I would definitely recommend it to anybody with an interest in 3D printing. From top to the bottom, the staff are truly amazing and are always willing to give advice/help as well as provide resources.

Nile Henry, Create Ambassador 

How to apply

Follow these 3 simple steps below to reserve your loan machine today!  

  1. Read the terms and conditions of the loan scheme. If you agree to these, fill in the online loan agreement form below. 
  2. Once you have completed the online form, we will get back to you to confirm the details of your loan including key information such as:
    • Start and end date when you will receive your machine.
    • An opportunity to arrange a virtual 1:1 set up call with one of our support team to ensure your machine is working when it arrives.
    • A link to an introductory webinar where our team member Sonya Horton will introduce you to the 3D printing process, the software and guide you through some exciting projects that you could use and incorporate into your delivery over the course of the 5 week loan with your young people.
    • Further project ideas via our resources and blog for additional ideas.
  1. Arrange for the deposit to be paid to CREATE Education ahead of the loan period start date.
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Terms and Conditions of the Loan Scheme

I understand that I must: 

  • Complete the Loan Scheme registration form in full and submit it.
  • Arrange payment of the deposit and delivery charge (so we can ship to your organisation) – this must be received in advance of your loan scheme start date.

To ensure the refund of your deposit and to support our wider work in making 3D Printing and technologies accessible to all, we ask that the following be completed by your organisation. 

  • If you loan a 3D printer or scanner, you must provide a time for CREATE Education to meet with you and your Headteacher/SLT to discuss your experiences further and consider the permanent implementation of 3D printing/scanning into your organisation to ensure long-term access and sustainability for your young people.
  • The machine must be returned in good condition by the return date outlined in your confirmation email.
  • Complete the CREATE Education survey with participating young people – we can share the responses with you.
  • Showcase your work by writing a case study which shares your experiences in your organisation and the outcomes achieved.

Once completed we shall arrange the refund of your deposit.

What to do once you have received your Printer

When your machine arrives, carefully un-package it and keep all packaging safe for return postage.

Create your projects and have fun exploring the capabilities of the 3D printer, 3D Scanner, or Vacuum Former with your young people. 

If you have any technical problems contact our support team at or call directly on 01257 276 116 option 2.At the end of your loan period, package up the machine in its original packaging and return it to us. We will send you an email in advance of this date as a reminder. Make sure you complete the case study and the surveys to get your deposit back! 

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