We’re pleased to announce our new Industry Partner – RS Components.

RS is passionate about innovating for the engineers of today and inspiring the engineers of tomorrow. By supporting STEM initiatives through education, encouragement and inspiration, RS is playing a critical role in ensuring there is a pipeline of talent to safeguard our future industry.

Imagine-X and STEM

STEM skills act as the perfect platform to a more socially mobile and globally impactful life. They broaden horizons, empower the disadvantaged and diversify life choices. But many young people have yet to see the ‘bigger picture’ impact these skills could have on the world.

That’s why RS has developed Imagine-X. It links dynamic, exciting STEM subjects to real people who have used the same skills to make the world a better place. It gives teachers free curriculum-aligned resources for pupils aged 7 – 14, with one aim: helping pupils realise the far-reaching potential of STEM and their imaginations.

Imagine-X is one of a number of resources, products and initiatives that RS has brought together to help bring STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to life in the classroom or at home and ultimately inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

CREATE Education are excited to be part of a collaborative partnership with RS Components, to work together to share resources and support each other’s efforts to inspire and encourage young people to engage with STEM subject areas as career possibilities.

This will see us working together to deliver events, competitions, plus projects and resources to explore how 3D Printing can impact various career paths.


RS have shared their Helping Hands, Making Hands for Primary aged students and The Power of Prosthetics for Secondary aged students Imagine-X resources with us.

The resources and lesson plans will help students understand the science of Biomechanics. They will learn about the movement of the body and the impact of losing a limb through birth or injury and how this can be addressed through the use of prosthetics.

By combining design technology, science and engineering, students will learn how STEM skills can be used to make a big difference in someone’s life.

Find out more about the resources and begin your planning here:

Helping Hands, Making Hands for Primary aged students


The Power of Prosthetics for Secondary aged students


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