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CREATE Education are committed to supporting educators, educational institutions, outreach and community programmes to easily use and embed 3D printing and technologies for STEAM in education effectively.

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Makerspaces in Education

How can students be prepared for jobs that have not yet been created? Tackle societal issues as yet unimagined? Use technologies not yet invented? The world is in the midst of significant digital transformation, Industry 4.0, representing the fourth industrial revolution that has occurred in manufacturing. This revolution will fundamentally change the way we live, …

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Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility at CREATE Education

Many environmental crises are arising as a result of the consumption of goods and services, resulting in a depletion of the Earth’s finite natural resources and causing irreversible damage to the environment, such as global warming, environmental pollution and decline in flora and fauna. At CREATE Education, we recognise the important part of businesses in …

Newcastle University 3D Print Research Socket

CREATE Education Hub, Newcastle University use the Raise3D Pro 2 Plus to 3D Print sockets for research in nerve endings for robotic arms, as part of their Intelligent Sensing Laboratory. By 3D Printing the research socket, the Intelligent Sensing team was able to: Print holes to place their electrodes in, instead of having to have them …