Aftercare & Support

Help is never far away

Dealing with technology can be a challenge – having an expert on hand to help via phone, email, online & social media gives you the peace of mind to focus on inspiring others.

Always sharing our resources

We’ve created resources with your contributions and tailoring to your feedback to make life easier.  If you have a specific request you can’t find get in touch and we’ll connect you with somebody who can help.

You're part of a community

We know that education is about sharing knowledge and learning from each other. We bring together fantastic people in amazing places who want to collaborate and help everyone reap the benefits.

We shout about YOU!

Just like any other tool a 3D printer is only as good as it’s user. We love sharing the amazing stuff our community has created and your work could inspire or help someone else!

Blair Project

“The Create Education Project is a powerhouse of knowledge, expertise, resources and connections that we have and will continue to draw upon to innovate and grow our ideas – they make the impossible, possible. Without the Create Education Project our ProtoGP Schools Kart Challenge would never have gotten off the ground!”  Marilyn Comrie OBE – The Blair Project

“The Create Education team are instrumental in making 3D printing accessible to schools and students. They have not just gone into the market with a flashy brochure. They have gone into schools and rolled up their sleeves, learned at the chalk face and given back in terms of their education interface, product and software development.”  David Holloway OBE – The Ideas College