This medium term plan for Computing has been developed and kindly shared with CREATE Education by Carol Murray at CAS Manchester.

The planning provides a complete unit of work that can be delivered over 10 x 1hr lessons or adapted to suit available time. The unit of work is fully mapped to the UK KS3 Computing Program of Study and provides a comprehensive introduction to 3D printing within a computing context with opportunities for coding the design of an artifact that can be 3D printed. By the end of the unit all students will have designed, planned programmed and 3D printed their own artifact.

Learning Objectives:

  • I can safely collect, organise and present data and information in a digital format.
  • I can demonstrate how the digital content is suitable for the audience.
  • I can use software to manipulate digital content.
  • I can create, run, check and debug a program.
  • I can use and explain a range of programming techniques to create an effective program.
  • I can use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour and correct simple errors in programs.
  • I can design algorithms by decomposing a problem and creating sub-solutions for each part.
  • I can create a program that uses my algorithm.
  • I understand and use a variety of programming techniques to produce a solution.
  • I can effectively test and debug my program.
  • I understand that software works with different types of data.
  • I can adapt a program to suit the required output.
  • I understand that different software can be used to manipulate and present digital information.
  • I can safely collect, organise and present data and information in a suitable format.
  • I can explain and justify how the use of technology impacts on society.
  • I can recognise and discuss ethical issues surrounding the application of technology beyond school.
  • I can effectively review and evaluate my product, identifying strengths and improvements.

In The Classroom

This unit of work has been developed for KS3 computing, however it also provides clear links to Design and Technology, Art and Design, Business, Citizenship, PSHE, science, maths – links can be made to any subject via examples in real life of 3D printed objects. The fully editable word document allows you to adapt the unit to suit your requirements.