Purple Mash is a very popular software solution used in many Early Years and Primary School settings across the UK and internationally. This online software suite includes a 3D modelling tool called 2Design and Make.

Traditionally 2Design and Make has been used for pupils to create a 3D model design and print a 2D net, which can then be cut out, folded and glued into a 3D model.

We were very excited to learn that 2Design and Make now has the ability to save the 3D model designs as .stl files. These can be imported directly into Cura for 3D printing on your Ultimaker.

Pupils can easily create their own custom 3D model designs of vehicles, buildings, animals, polygons and more by selecting and manipulating one of 16 template models.

2Design and Make interface

Our friends at 2Simple Software have kindly shared this step-by-step guide to 2Design and Make. This includes a great overview of the 2Design and Make interface, how to create a 3D model from scratch, how to save as a .stl file and importing into Cura.

2Design and Make model in Cura

See how a 4 year old Reception pupil mastered the process to create a simple 3D model in just a few minutes in our companion blog post, accessible 3D modelling software for the very young.

You can find out more about Purple Mash and 2Design and Make by visiting the 2Simple website.

In The Classroom

This solution makes producing 3D models really accessible for Early Years and KS1 pupils, even though pupils may not have fully developed their fine motor skills, as the interface is very simple and model designs can be manipulated with ease by simply dragging the nodes on the template model to change the shape.

In a single lesson pupils can design a 3D model and save it for printing, they can also print and assemble the 2D net of their model and compare it to the 3D printed model.

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