Gravity Sketch is a free iPAD app with a simple user interface for designing 3D models. You can find out more about Gravity Sketch in our blog feature and you can learn more, download the app and access video tutorials from Gravity Sketch.

Once students have designed their 3D models in the Gravity Sketch app, they will need to be able to open the 3D model file in Cura in order to prepare and slice the model ready for 3D printing.

Currently Cura is only available as desktop software for Windows or Mac and is not available as an iPAD app. It is not immediately obvious how to get the 3D model file from Gravity Sketch and into Cura.

This 5-step tutorial has been developed to guide your students through this process.

  • Step 1: Create & Save your design in Gravity Sketch
  • Step 2: Email your design
  • Step 3: Extract the 3D model files from your email
  • Step 4: Open your 3D model in Cura
  • Step 5: Preparing and saving your model for 3D printing

In The Classroom

This tutorial is a professional development resource to allow you to learn the process of saving a 3D model from Gravity Sketch and importing it into Cura. The tutorial can also be used directly by students who are yet to learn this process, either by providing printed copies of the tutorial so they can work through the steps at their own pace, or by displaying the tutorial on a whiteboard/screen and guiding the students through the process together.