Lancaster Royal Grammar School have developed this Personal Light Design Technology Project. It is a complete product design project incorporating electronics where students are tasked with designing and 3D Printing a prototype for a new personal lighting product.

Health and exercise have become increasingly popular over the past decade.  People are now well informed about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle The range of sports and activities carried out has grown exponentially to include things as diverse as walking and windsurfing!  CATEYE is a well known manufacturer and supplier of bicycle lights.  They have identified a potential market area which they hope to move into.  They would like to produce a small personal light which can be used as a safety device when exercising in the evenings.

Lancaster Royal Grammar have kindly shared their project workbook, which includes full details of all the project stages and student tasks. Download the booklet and learn more about this fantastic project!

In The Classroom

This is a complete design technology product design project utilising CAD and 3D printing to manufacture a product prototype. The downloadable workbook provides all the student resources required to deliver the project. It just requires the tasks to be split up into the time allocated and appropriate planning developed to deliver the project.

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