This lesson has kindly been shared by Ashleigh Hopkins, a trainee teacher at Edge Hill University.

In this lesson students will be introduced to the street art and the work of street artist Banksy, then they will use Microsoft Paint to design their own Banksy inspired street art.

Students will be introduced to 3D printing and their designs will be 3D printed.

Examples of student outcomes

Banksy, street, art, lesson, 3d printing, 3d design, Uk education
Banksy, street, art, lesson, 3d printing, 3d design, Uk education

This project utilises a 2D image to 3D print technique using Cura Slicing software. First, students produce their designs using 2D drawing software, student designs can be saved as jpeg, jpg, png, bmp or gif file types. Cura slicing software is then used to open and convert the 2D image file directly into a 3D model file.

To learn how to use this technique, take a look at the bookmark project tutorial which uses the same technique.

In The Classroom

This lesson is perfect for introducing 3D printing to KS2 students, the lesson could be expanded into a complete art project covering several lessons where students use different mediums to produce Banksy inspired street art, including a 2D computer drawing program and 3D printing.  Any computer 2D drawing program can be used to produced the designs including Microsoft Paint which is installed on all Windows computers. This lesson also links with KS3 computing (use a variety of software to design and create content that accomplish given goals).