MV_logo_full_black-01Makerversity DIY is a pioneering curriculum for schools designed by Makerversity, a thriving community of emerging creative businesses in central London, UK. 

Our simple and exciting lesson plans enable educators to incorporate making and hands on activities into core subjects. Our lessons empower teachers and pupils to develop new skills, work together and gain knowledge in core subjects.

We believe in the transformative power of hands-on learning. Making encourages pupils to test and learn through iterations and problem-solving. Our dynamic and exciting way of learning makes it easy to excite and educate pupils of all abilities, and it’s affordable, something which until now has been very challenging to run in a school environment.


Using 3D Printed parts and household items, pupils will make their very own sand timer. Through a hands on activity, pupils with hone fine motor skills whilst practicing accuracy and measurement skills.

Sand Timer

Please use the download link which contains everything you need to run the project!
Teachers Guide, Lesson Plan, Presentation, Instruction sheet, Exercise sheet, Equipment List and STL files.

We would like to thank Makerversity for letting us share this fantastic lesson with you and your students.

In The Classroom

This lesson pack contains all the resources required to deliver this lesson. Resources include teacher guide, lesson plan, presentation, resource list, student worksheets and 3D Print files. Students will work in pairs or small groups and prior to the lesson you will need to 3D Print the components so that there is one set per group. You will also need to gather a set of equipment per group which consists of 2 plastic bottles, weighing scales, funnel, stopwatch and fine sand or salt.

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