On 15th October 2016, CREATE Education Ambassador and Computing Subject Leader at Edge Hill University,Ā Carl Simmons delivered an inspirational workshop at the Computing at School (CAS) Manchester regional conference.Ā The focus of the workshop was to introduce 3D printing technology, software and processes and look at different approaches forĀ integrating the technology into the Computing Curriculum.

3d printing, webinars, cas, Manchester
3d printing, webinars, cas, manchester

Carl has very kindly shared his workshop resources with CREATE Education. The resources are available to download here andĀ include theĀ presentation from the workshop, thisĀ is a useful starting point if you looking atĀ utilising 3D printing in the Computing Curriculum, with lots of ideas to inspire you and get you thinking.

CAS, introducing 3d printing, ICT

Carl has also shared a handy TinkerCAD interface overview sheet, which provides a useful visual aid forĀ getting started using TinkerCAD to create 3D models.

Halloween, pumpkin, design, tinkercad, 3d printing, 3d print

On the day Carl 3D printed these seasonal pumpkin models and workshop attendees had a go at creating their own pumpkins in TinkerCAD, the TinkerCAD Pumpkin Worksheet resource download, provides a simple overview of how to do this. You couldĀ download similar models from YouMagineĀ or students can design their own using the 3D shapes functions to assemble their model in TinkerCAD.

Also check out our Pumpkin Grew featured object of the week.

Halloween, pumpkin, design, tinkercad, 3d printing, 3d print
Halloween, pumpkin, design, tinkercad, 3d printing, 3d print

Follow Carl on Twitter @Activ8ComputingĀ to keep up to date with his latest ideas aroundĀ Computing and 3D Printing in the Curriculum.

In The Classroom


This is a professional development resource to allow you to consider the potential for 3D Printing in Computing. Some of the ideas presented can be developed into mini projects to try out with the students.


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