One of the benefits of having a 3D Printer in school is that it provides a low cost solution for equipping classrooms with physical teaching resources and manipulatives.

Why buy expensive resources when you can print your own for a fraction of the cost? In fact you may find that in utilising your 3D Printer in this way you have a better resourced school and the printer pays for itself.

By printing your own resources, you no longer have to share limited resources between large groups of students, just print more sets to enable individuals or small groups to access a copy of each resource.

Traditionally when parts of a resource are lost or break the resource is made redundant, you have to find budget to purchase replacement resources or manage without, with 3D Printed resources you can simply print replacement parts.

Thanks to the huge 3D Printing community generously sharing their work, there are hundreds of 3D Print designs being shared for free, you simply need to download the file and print it. The only difficulty is finding the time to locate the resources that are of most use for you in your classroom. This is where the CREATE Education Project are trying to help.

We are actively searching for useful classroom prints to share with you and if we identify useful resources to print but can’t find a print file, we will endeavor to create the 3D file ourselves. As we source new resources and the 3D Print files we will list them here and provide a link for you to download the file, so keep coming back to this page to access new classroom resource ideas and prints.

If you create or find any good classroom prints please contact us with details to allow us to share it with the community. Also please share your ideas for useful classroom prints – we will try to create or source print files for the best ideas.

In The Classroom

General Classroom Prints

Whiteboard Pen Holder
shared on YouMagine by Lina and Thomas

Mathematics Prints

Maths Spinner
shared on MyMiniFactory by Paulo Ricardo Blank


100 Square shared on YouMagine by Richard Horne

Poly Snaps shared on Thingiverse by Mathgrrl


Pythagoras Manipulative shared on Thingiverse by Xoan Sampaiño


Science Prints

Solar System Model
shared on YouMagine by Ultimaker

Levers Experiment Kit shared on Thingiverse by SidneyKi


Molecule Construction Set shared on YouMagine by excite

Molecules and Atoms shared on YouMagine by Ronald Scheer

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