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CREATE Connect is an online education community platform developed for teachers and educators interested in STEAM and maker education to find and connect with others to discuss different projects, share ideas, work together or simply help one another with their problems by sharing insights and best practice.

The CREATE Connect platform aims to provide the bridge between technology and teachers. One of the biggest problems with new technology in education is educators not being able to connect with other people who have successfully integrated new technologies into the classroom for advice and support or even experts in the industry for help and resources. This platform solves this problem by offering an open platform that educators at all levels, industry partners and educational leaders can interact with each other, discuss common issues and create solutions for integrating technology into their classrooms, labs and makerspaces.

How to Join


If you are already a member of the CREATE Education website, login using your existing CREATE Username and Password.

If you are new to CREATE Education, you will need to register. This will set you up with a single account for both CREATE Connect and the CREATE Education website.

CREATE, Connect, Users, Guide

The CREATE Connect Platform is pretty straightforward to use as it is very similar to other popular social media platforms. However to help you, we have developed a handy user guide that covers in detail how to use all the features of the platform including:

  • Editing your profile, preferences and privacy settings.
  • Posting content.
  • Making connections.
  • User groups.
  • Setting up and managing your own user groups.
  • Community rules and guidelines.