This video shows the workflow that allows you to create a custom-made 3D figure using an Adobe Creative Cloud app called Fuse CC and then import and pose it using Photoshop CC.

This figure can then be output from photoshop CC for 3D Printing.

This is a great workflow for those looking to introduce custom made figures for things such as model-making.

In The Classroom

This video tutorial makes a great starting point for Fuse CC and Photoshop CC as 3D modelling tools. It provides a guided task allowing them to learn the key features of using this software. Play the video full screen on your classroom display screen or provide a link to students to allow them to view it in their own time. Students can follow the step-by-step instructions in the tutorial to make a model figure. Following on from this students should have all the basic skills required to start to design their own model figures using this software.

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