In this project students will design a casing for a USB stick using 3D modelling software, then 3D print the model. This is a perfect project for introducing 3D modelling and the 3D printing process to students.

The Teacher Guide has been developed to support delivery of the project and includes the Design Task and 12 outline lesson plans.

The accompanying tutorial guides students step-by-step through designing a star shaped casing using 123Design. We recommend that after following this, students then develop their own designs or personalise this design in some way. Alternatively students can start designing their own casing in whichever 3D modelling software you have available.

The project uses an uncased USB stick that you can purchase here.

We would like to thank Alastair Jennings and Fiona Innes from Sandroyd School for developing and kindly sharing this resource with the CREATE Education Project.

In The Classroom

This is a good KS3 Design Technology Project that introduces students to 3D modelling. The tutorial guides students through an example USB casing design using 123Design. However the project is suitable for use with any 3D modelling software and the outline lesson plans in the teacher guide reflect this.

If you wish each student to make a complete product, you will require 1 USB stick per student, however the design project can be completed with just a single USB stick for students to measure at the beginning of the project and to test the fit of their 3D printed cases at the end of the project.