Resource Overview

In this 8 week desk tidy and stationary project aimed at Yr9, students will design and manufacture a pen pot (3D printed) and stationery set (which includes a 3D printed pen and laser cut ruler). Pupils follow the iterative process, researching existing products, designing, modelling and gaining third party feedback before manufacturing their final product. Pupils also design and manufacture packaging for their products, including vacuum forming.


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  • Desk Tidy Scheme of Learning (doc)
  • Desk Tidy Student Workbook (pdf-file)
  • Desk Tidy Initial Ideas Exemplar (pdf-file)
Design ideas sheet image

Project Resources Include:

  • A complete curriculum planning document (Scheme of Learning) containing the details for each lesson.
  • A comprehensive student workbook for the project including all design tasks and assessment quizzes.
  • An initial ideas exemplar sheet.

Project Aims & Objectives

During this project pupils are to design and manufacture products using 3D and 2D CAD software as well as utilising laser cutting, 3D printing and vacuum forming. The project aims to make pupils aware of the breadth and depth of design technology and the opportunities for further study and future career prospects. Using the newest technology is preparing pupils for life after school, particularly in industry.

In this project pupils will learn how to;

  • Analyse existing products and use findings to inform the design process.
  • Develop products considering the parameters set by school as well as the needs and wants of their ‘client’
  • Use 3D CAD software (Tinkercad or alternative)
  • Prepare files for printing
  • Draw in 3D using isometric and perspective techniques
  • Present their ideas professionally using rendering and colour surround techniques as well an communicating their thought processes to 3rd parties using clear annotations.

CREATE Education would like to thank Rachel Moore, Head of Design & Technology at Holy Cross High School for sharing this project with us.

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