Fidget Spinners may be the latest classroom craze driving teachers to distraction up and down the country, however these annoying clever little gadgets do provide some brilliant teaching and learning opportunities which would certainly capture the students’ attention.

Here are the CREATE Education Project’s top 5 ideas for embracing fidget spinners alongside 3D printing in the classroom:

  1. Design & Make a 3D Printed Fidget Spinner
  2. Explore Bearings
  3. Code a Fidget Spinner
  4. Practical Science and Maths Activities
  5. Fidget Toy Design Technology Project

Login to download the guide, which provides examples, links and tips for implementing these ideas in the classroom.

In The Classroom

This short guide provides ideas and practical examples of using fidget spinners for educational purposes. If you are using fidget spinners with your students as a teaching resource, please share your ideas with other educators by posting your ideas and experiences in the comments.

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