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FrameGym consists of a collection of small 3D printable connectors and parts that can be used with low cost wooden skewers to create structures and mechanisms projects. This reusable resource consists of seven different connectors, a wheel and a washer supplied as .STL files, providing endless project possibilities - simply slice and 3D print as many as you need. This resource has been developed and shared by Paul Woodward from The Design & Technology Association.


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  • FrameGym Resource Guide PDF & Slides (presentation)
  • FrameGym Components (3d-file)
Frame Gym Example

Project Resources include:

  • Resource Guide – with step-by-step instructions for how to design the components in Tinkercad and slice them in Cura, how to use the components to create structures, and a comprehensive section on mechanical systems that could be modelled using FrameGym.
  • FrameGym Components Set – consisting of 21 x .STL 3D Model Files including various axix, pulleys and gears; wheel, axle and washer; cam, crank and crane parts.

The basic FrameGym components provide a wealth of learning opportunities, but you can also design and make new and original components. The FrameGym has a wide range of applications and, once you start connecting components together, there is no limit to what you can make.

Using the same basic modelling principles used to make the connectors, you can create a wide range of additional components in Tinkercad and export them to your 3D printer to expand the learning opportunities. All this using low-cost materials with components you can make yourself and
expand or replace over time with no wait for orders to be delivered! Saving you money, saving waste and a good example of sustainability.

Example Applications

CREATE Education would like to thank Paul Woodward from the Design & Technology Association for sharing this resource with us.

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