The CREATE Education Project would like to thank Joseph Fox, 3D hub technician at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School for sharing this project and resources.

Game Over is a short series of lessons to introduce CAD designing for 3D printing, recommended teaching is as a small unit in Year 10.

The brief is to research, design and manufacture using 3D printers a games console controller. Students go through a similar process taken place during GCSE projects.

With the arrival of 3D Printing as a viable means of design and development it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the software that you would use to 3D print. The Game Over project introduces a high level of SolidWorks skills coupled with an in-depth analysis of a particular product and a detailed design process specifically tailored for 3D printing.

During this task, a process will be followed. This process will involve; research, analysis, design, development, CAD, 3D printing and evaluation. Teaching these skills will be useful for future use in GCSE as well as afterwards. Using this process will provide a better understanding of what is needed to use this new upcoming technology which is been used more and more in today’s world.

To accompany this project, there are 3 supporting resources:

  • Game Over Project Guide: This guide includes a complete overview of the project, an outline of each project stage and AQA 8552 Design and Technology Specification links/references.
  • Game Over Student Worksheets – including worksheets to record research, product analysis, design and development of ideas, CAD and 3D printing sheets.
  • Game Over Assessment Sheet – tracker for recording assessments throughout the project.

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In The Classroom

The project was developed for the AQA 8552 Design Technology 2017 GCSE Specification, but it would be suitable for any of the KS4 GCSE or Scottish Higher Design Technology qualifications. This project could also be used for relevant FE courses.

The project covers the following elements of the GCSE Specification:

  • New and emerging technologies (the use of CAD and current technologies as well as new technologies)
  • Developments in new materials (a range of materials can be used with traditional techniques and new techniques such as 3D printing filament)
  • Systems approach to designing (systems and processes are involved in using new technologies with designing and developing)
  • Mechanical devices (the use of Ultimaker 2s to manage, maintain, service and print with. Due to being a robust technology it allows students to get involved with this process)
  • Materials and their working properties (understanding a range of plastics and their outcomes using 3D printing for student designs)