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This guide is to help schools, careers advisors and careers leads, businesses and careers organisations understand the Gatsby benchmark requirements for good career guidance and the different ways in which CREATE Education support schools in delivering the Gatsby benchmarks. This has a particular focus on careers in Additive Manufacturing, Engineering and other industries that use additive manufacturing technologies.

This guide includes:

Careers in Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is transforming the way we make things. The technology is being both developed and adopted rapidly. This has led to a huge growth in jobs within the engineering, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries that require skills using the technology. But jobs using additive manufacturing technologies are also growing within many other industries including product design, bio-engineering and medical, architecture and construction and the media and creative industries.

The 2018 UK additive manufacturing strategy predicted a huge rise in jobs – rising to over 60,000 jobs in the additive manufacturing industry alone by 2025.

In 2022 the industry alone (not including other industries using the technology) contributed over £500million to the UK economy. This is still a growing industry, predicted to grow 10% annually over the next 5 years. As the industry continues to grow, this in turn will lead to even more job opportunities and demand for skills.

With a huge investment into research and development of the technology, new degree courses in additive manufacturing and the introduction of the new T-Levels in engineering and manufacturing alongside apprentices and A-Level STEM subjects there are now many routes into this industry available to students.

In The Classroom

The challenge is making students aware of the possibilities, developing their knowledge and skills in the technology and inspiring them to make career choices into this industry. However when given the opportunity to experience the technology there is a natural awe and wonder at seeing their own designs being made in front of them alongside the real life examples.

Through the products and support we offer CREATE Education aims to increase the opportunity to have high quality experiences in using the technology, developing their skills and understanding the applications and opportunities that this technology presents. This guide outlines the many ways in which CREATE Education can support schools in this.

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