Getting started with any new technology can be an absolute minefield – or dare we say it a total nightmare! 3D printing is no different, if you are new to the technology there may feel like a lot to learn and get your head around before you feel confident introducing it to the students.

The Create Education website is here to help you through every step of your 3D printing journey. However we recognise that with so much information available and an ever growing bank of resources available on the website, it’s hard to know where to start.

getting started guide

With this in mind we have put together this practical getting started guide for schools. The guide includes:

  • Let’s get started
  • All about CURA
  • Setting up your Ultimaker and your very first print
  • Understanding the 3D printing process and introducing 3D printing to your students
  • Moving on – developing your first project
  • Which 3D CAD software?
  • Integrating 3D printing in the curriculum
  • Further support and professional development
  • Sharing and showcasing your work with the Create Education community

We have published the guide as a handy downloadable PDF, this will allow you to print it out and have it by your side as a valuable reference. The guide contains lots of useful links to specific further information and resources. If you have the PDF open on your computer or device, you can click on the links directly from the PDF to open the resources.

In The Classroom

This is a professional development resource to allow you to learn some of the basics before introducing 3D printing in the classroom and give you some ideas once you are up and running for developing projects and maximising the opportunities for 3D printing in school.

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