CREATE Education Ambassador Carl Simmons has kindly shared this great little pumpkin design activity, perfect for halloween.

The TinkerCAD pumpkin worksheet provides students with a simple graphic overview of the steps to create a pumpkin design in TinkerCAD. A TinkerCAD Interface Overview sheet is also available to download, which provides an easy graphical reference whilst learning the basics of TinkerCAD.

Once the students have produced their pumpkin design, they can save it as a .STL file and open it in Cura. Here they can adjust the size, inspect the layers, save the file then print it.

This activity could be extended into a pumpkin lantern project. Students can incorporate static LED’s inside the pumpkin by making a simple electronic circuit, or a program a device such as a Codebug to produce flashing lights inside the pumpkin.

In The Classroom

This is a perfect single lesson activity that students can work on individually or in pairs. The relatively simple design can be attempted by students that are new to TinkerCAD and serves as a good introductory design. However students with more experience of TinkerCAD can develop their skills by creating more complex facial features, hats etc.

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