The CREATE Education Project would like to thank Kerri Barrett, Design Technology Teacher at Golborne High School for sharing this project and resources.

In this aerodynamics and prototyping project pupils will solve a problem given to them from a Search and Rescue operation who are looking to advance their fleet with more versatile Hanger Gliders which will able them to search and aid rescues in coastal areas. The Hanger Glider must be able to stay in flight for long periods of time to ensure they are effective.

They will be taught and asked to investigate aerodynamics to help them understand the laws and restrictions which may restrict their designs. They will test and create several paper prototypes which will aid them in their final design which will be 3D Printed as a final prototype to present and test.

The project will help pupils understand the importance of testing (prototyping) and evaluating throughout a project to help achieve a more successful end product.

They will create a final prototype using 3D CAD and a 3D printer which will be tested and evaluated against previous prototypes.

To accompany this project, there are 4 supporting resources:

  • Prototyping a Search and Rescue Hang Glider Project Guide: This guide includes a complete overview of the project, the problem and brief, an outline of each project stage and AQA 8552 Design and Technology Specification links/references.
  • Aerodynamics and Rapid Prototyping SOW: 12 lesson scheme of work including lesson by lesson objectives and outline, assessment, differentiation and homework which will aid the project.
  • Aerodynamics and Rapid Prototyping Lesson Presentation: PowerPoint resource to help deliver each lesson of the project, contains all material which is needed to teach the theory and aid creating prototypes (Paper and CAD designed). 3D Sketch up lesson to teach basic and advanced tools for creating final design to be 3D Printed.
  • Problem and Brief: Handout for students.

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In The Classroom

The project was developed for the AQA 8552 Design Technology 2017 GCSE Specification, but it would be suitable for any of the KS4 GCSE or Scottish Higher Design Technology qualifications. This project could also be used for relevant FE courses.

The project covers the GCSE Specification by allowing pupils to undertake the design process of exploring, creating and evaluating a product and has links to science by investigating Aerodynamics, while learning and understanding the uses and advantages of rapid prototyping using a 3D Printer, which is a new and emerging technology.