The Ultimaker model slicing software Cura has recently been updated and released as Cura 3. With this update there have been a few interface updates as well as new functionality.

To support the education community in learning how to successfully slice a 3D model and prepare the model for 3D printing, CREATE ambassador Steve Cox has produced a video tutorial series for Cura 3. Each video is just 2-3 minutes long, allowing teachers and students to quickly master the basics of slicing 3D models.

You can view the videos below or access the playlist directly from our YouTube Channel.

This series of 13 short video tutorials cover the following slicing basics:

  1. Cura Introduction
  2. View Manipulation
  3. Print Preparation
  4. Multiple Models
  5. Layers View
  6. Infill
  7. Layer Heights
  8. Build Plate Adhesion
  9. Custom Options
  10. Supports 1
  11. Supports 2
  12. Supports 3
  13. 2D to 3D

In The Classroom

These short video tutorials are a great resource for students to learn the basics of slicing and the Cura 3 software. They are also a good professional development resource for teachers who are new to the software.