This series of tutorials has been developed and shared by TEACH PRODUCT DESIGN

The resource consists of a PDF document that contains links to over 50 video tutorials that guide you through different tools and techniques within the Fusion 360 software.

learn fusion resource tools overview screenshot
learn fusion 360 loft tool screenshot

The video tutorials are arranged in sections cover the following tools and techniques: extrude; revolve; sweep; loft; rib and web; emboss; holes; coil; pipe; pattern; fillet and chamfer; shell, scale and draft; combine; sheet metal and joints.

For each tool/technique there are four differentiated video tutorials to develop skills – emerge, develop, secure and master.

CREATE Education would like to thank TEACH PRODUCT DESIGN for sharing this resource with us.

In The Classroom

The document is arranged into sections, with each page showing a section and the first page acting as a menu. If you click on the image on the first page- this links to the relevant section.

On each section page there are four video tutorials. Click on the YouTube icons on the page for access to the corresponding online tutorials.

If you want access to the free models that support this resource (over 65 models) – please email to request access.

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