Welcome to the Life3D Capsule!

If you remember a while back, Felix Baumgartner did an amazing jump from the stratosphere at 120,000ft back down to earth from the capsule that Red Bull designed. If you missed it we recommend you check it out, but if you fancy trying it for yourself but on a (very) small scale the the guys at Wevolver and LIFE3D have you covered!

They have designed a capsule that can hold a small camera like a GoPro and a GPS device that you can print and build then attach a balloon.

Head over to Wevolver to have a go at this amazing project!

Wevolver Life 3D Capsule

In The Classroom

This project provides inspiration for activities or project work. The resources at Wevolver include all the files and documentation required to print the capsule. You may wish to print and assemble the capsule, then operate your own weather balloon launch with a group of students.

Alternatively it can be used as a starting point for a project where pupils have to design and make their own capsules to house and protect objects from a fall – perhaps as an update to the traditional structures project where students design and make a structure to protect an egg from a specified drop.

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