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Makerspaces are springing up in community spaces and libraries all over the UK and are an integral part of the future of these spaces. Makerspaces not only teach community members to be creative, solve problems and promote sustainability, they also give the community a place to meet and make use of the latest technology which might not be available to them without this provision. At CREATE Education, we have supported many libraries and community partners to develop their Makerspaces, utilising our expertise in 3D technology and we want to use what we have learnt from them to help you! Download our handy Makerspace Guide, aimed a libraries and community spaces, it’ll help you in delivering a creative space to your community.


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  • What is a Makerspace Guide (pdf-file)
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Makerspaces incorporate a range of technology from:

  • 3D Printers
  • 3D Scanners
  • 3D Formers

to laser cutters, sewing machines, computers and many other technologies that encourage creativity in the community.

This guide provides libraries and community spaces with an overview of makerspaces, including:

  • What a makerspace is, aims and benefits of makerspaces
  • Makerspace tools and technologies
  • How to start a makerspace

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