Makerversity and Kidesign have partnered up to bring us this fabulous lesson based around the activity of designing a pavilion and building a 3D model of it using a 3D Printer. The students will go through a fast-forward design process that includes orthogonal 4-view drawing, basic 3D CAD modelling and 3D Printing. By taking part in this process, they will be able to connect an analogue sketch to a digital 3D drawing and back to a physical 3D Printed model, observing how their design changes and evolves between these stages. Students will learn design, drawing and CAD skills and will experience what it looks like to be a designer-architect.

Kidesign is an educational startup specialising in designing creative CAD and 3D Printing projects for children.

We believe in learning through making and using technology as a creative tool to reconnect the digital and physical worlds

Since 2010, thousands of boys and girls around the world have participated in Kidesign workshops and helped us develop a formula for an educational process that is collaborative, cross-disciplinary and fun. In 2015, we launched our first product for schools – Kideville, a city design project for children, with an innovative term-long 3D design process that includes research, ideation, sketching, CAD modelling, 3D Printing and presenting. Kideville inspires students to obtain the skills and knowledge in STEM and pursue careers in design, technology and engineering.

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