This project is designed to be fun and educational and will enable the class to create their very own 3D bugs to print!

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn about how insects are defined.
  • To develop 3D design skills using Autodesk Tinkercad software.
  • To produce a 3D Printed model of a unique insect design.  


Working with some basic shapes that have been provided, pupils can assemble 3D insects according to a few ‘rules’ such as the number of body segments and legs which each creature should have. 

There is room for extended activity by adding extra shapes to the models to make unique creatures ready for printing on the Ultimaker 3D Printer.

The resource download provides everything you need to run the project. It includes a detailed teacher guide with step-by-step instructions for delivering the lesson, student worksheets and .STL files of the insect body parts for use with Tinkerca.

Thanks to Betek for supplying this lesson and resources!

In The Classroom

This resource provides a creative first mini-project for introducing students to Tinkercad. This makes a great activity to accompany science “minibeast” topic work. At the end of the project, you will have a class set of 3D printed insect models, each one with unique features. These can then be used for a classification exercise in science and for a sorting or venn diagram practical activity in maths. The models could also be used for English work as a stimulous for a descriptive writing activity.

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