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The Recycling Plastics Project consists of two lessons that introduce different kinds of plastics, their properties and how they are manufactured. It also covers recycling plastics using the Mayku FormBox to recycle plastic bags into new objects. This pack designed, for children aged 11-14, consists of two lessons and includes printable lesson plans that you can use to get your class making in minutes. Lessons include full step by step guides with images, downloads and links.


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  • Recycling Plastics Project Resources (pdf-file)
Recycling plastics plastic sheet made from carrier bags

Recycling Plastics Project for the Mayku FormBox consists of the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1 – How are plastics made?
    Give students a basic understanding of the different kinds of plastics and how those plastics are manufactured. Give some detail on the chemical composition of these plastics, and how the various compositions affect their properties
  • Lesson 2 – How can we reduce, reuse and recycle?
    Explore the issue of the long lifetime of plastics and the challenges associated with recycling them. Investigate alternatives to plastics in contemporary product design. Use the FormBox to recycle plastic bags into various objects.

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