Ergo Amplifier by Bhold Labs

This week, we are featuring this beautifully designed iPad amplifier/stand shared on YouMagine by Bhold Labs.

The ergo amplifier is a great example of how 3D printing is transforming the product design and prototyping process, students can learn more about this is our blog post.

For the Research It activity, older students can investigate the science behind the product by researching how amplifiers like this work. This could be followed up by the Explain It or Present It activity. The Improve It and Advertise It activities would also provide a good introduction to a product design topic where students are tasked with designing and printing their own amplifier stand for a phone or tablet device.

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Suggested Activities

The ergo amplifier works well as an object to use with the following Object of the Week activities:

  • Describe It
  • Research It
  • Explain It
  • Present It
  • Improve It
  • Advertise It

Download the Object of the Week Teacher Guide and accompanying resources to find out more.

About Object of the Week

“Object of the Week” is a fully resourced open-ended classroom project developed by the CREATE Education Project to¬†provide regular¬†opportunities throughout the year for students to explore the world of 3D printing.

A series of stand-alone classroom activities have been developed to support the project. The activities allow students to:

  • use their imagination
  • develop speaking and listening skills
  • develop descriptive and creative writing skills
  • be creative
  • develop research, evaluation and presentation skills
  • explore future careers
  • learn how real life problems are solved
  • develop their own solutions

The open-ended activities are designed to be cross-curricular, for use across of range of ages/levels and weekly objects are selected to cover a range of applications and subject areas. Some objects may provide a platform for introducing or expanding on a specific topic area or as a springboard to a class project. Ideas for taking it further will be provided where applicable.

Resources include a comprehensive Teacher Guide which provides an overview of each activity and suggestions for how to deliver the activity in class. PowerPoint Interactive Classroom Activity Slides and a set of Student Worksheets are also available to support the activities. These resources can be downloaded by clicking the links in the right column.

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