Elephant Clip by Steve Cox

For our first “Object¬†of the Week”, we are featuring this clever design from CREATE AmbassadorSteve Cox.

The Elephant clip is a custom design developed for a wheelchair user who was struggling with somewhere to put her waterbottle. Steve designed and printed this clip which snaps onto the arm of the wheelchair with a hook to hang the water bottle from.

Steve designed and printed this simple, effective product in under an hour, solving a very real problem for the user.

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Suggested Activities

The elephant clip works well as an object to use with the following Object of the Week activities:

  • Describe It
  • Describe & Draw It
  • Imagine It
  • Research It &¬†Explain It
  • Improve It &¬†Advertise It

Download the Object of the Week Teacher Guide and accompanying resources to find out more.

About Object of the Week

“Object of the Week” is a fully resourced open-ended classroom project developed by the CREATE Education Project to¬†provide regular¬†opportunities throughout the year for students to explore the world of 3D printing.

A series of stand-alone classroom activities have been developed to support the project. The activities allow students to:

  • use their imagination
  • develop speaking and listening skills
  • develop descriptive and creative writing skills
  • be creative
  • develop research, evaluation and presentation skills
  • explore future careers
  • learn how real life problems are solved
  • develop their own solutions

The open-ended activities are designed to be cross-curricular, for use across of range of ages/levels and weekly objects are selected to cover a range of applications and subject areas. Some objects may provide a platform for introducing or expanding on a specific topic area or as a springboard to a class project. Ideas for taking it further will be provided where applicable.

Resources include a comprehensive Teacher Guide which provides an overview of each activity and suggestions for how to deliver the activity in class. PowerPoint Interactive Classroom Activity Slides and a set of Student Worksheets are also available to support the activities. These resources can be downloaded by clicking the links in the right column.

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