Phone stand, 3D printing, 3d printed projects

DK have kindly shared this great project from their 3D Printing Projects book, which is free for you to download.

In this project, students can design and 3D print a mobile phone stand keyring and/or a desktop mobile phone stand.

The project guides you through making a small keyring stand using standard CAD modelling software such as Tinkercad and also making a larger desktop stand using organic modelling software such as Sculptris.

The project provides a step-by-step tutorial to produce each stand with simple instructions and clear images to illustrate each stage.

If you like this project, check out the guest blog from DK Senior Editor Ben Morgan to learn more about the brilliant 3D Printing Projects book.

Phone stand, 3D printing, 3d printed projects

In The Classroom

This fun project provides a perfect introductory project for learning the basics of 3D modelling and 3D printing.