This lesson plan was kindly contributed by James Glaister at Tarleton Community Primary School. On receipt of a CREATE Education 3D printer loan, this lesson was created to use as an introduction to 3D printing.

In this lesson that links Art and Computing, pupils will explore the work of artist Andy Warhol, then create their own PopArt by undertaking the following activities:

  • Use iPads to take photographs of each others faces.
  • Import a selected photograph into Cura slicing software to turn it into a 3D model.
  • 3D print the photograph
  • Use the 3D print as a paint stamp for producing artwork.

In The Classroom

This lesson shows how 3D printing can be incorporated into the Art curriculum and be used as a tool for students to create unique artwork to complement the study of a famous artist as well as using a wider range of tools and techniques to produce artwork. The use of the 3D printers alongside other digital technology such as iPads, cameras and perhaps the use of image editing software tools also integrates the project into the computing curriculum.

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