This lesson has kindly been shared by Phillippa Chippendale and Amanda Hayward, leaders of the CAS South Tyneside Community.

In this summer themed project perfect for upper KS2 and lower KS3, students will design a sandcastle using Tinkercad 3D modelling software. The designs can then be shared on a virtual class beach and 3D printed.

This is a good project for developing Tinkercad 3D modelling skills – in particular using different work planes and the grouping and duplicating of objects.

The project resource includes a PDF of presentation slides that can be used to introduce and deliver the project. This also contains links to further resources and information.

In The Classroom

CAS South Tyneside are running this project as a competition for their local group of schools, why not do the same within your class or the entire year group. The winning design could be 3D printed as a full size bucket that can be used to make real sandcastles. However if doing this please encourage students to avoid all overhangs and include a draft angle on all sides to allow the bucket to be easily removed leaving the sandcastle in place.