Tinkercad is a common 3D modelling tool for use with younger students. However as it is cloud based software with online accounts that allow students to share their work, Tinkercad strictly adheres to the US COPPA requirements (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). This means that children under the age of 13 can only officially create an account if it is authorized by a parent or educator.

The good news is that Tinkercad have created a simple way for teachers to authorise accounts for their students by linking the accounts to the teachers email address, this means that individual students will not require parental email addresses or parental authorisation.

The CREATE Education team regularly get asked how to set up class accounts, so we have produced this quick guide using information from Tinkercad that shows how to set up a class set of accounts quickly.

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In The Classroom

Tinkercad is perfect for introducing students to 3D modelling and is suitable for KS1 upwards. It is a free open-source platform and cloud based so students can access it anywhere. Learn more about Tinkercad including how to access tutorials on our dedicated Tinkercad software page.