This worksheet has been kindly shared with the CREATE Education Project by Ben Kaggwa at STEAMPOWER Ltd.

The aim of this worksheet is to encourage students to plan how they will approach creating a 3D model of their design idea. It encourages students to:

  • First, think about what shapes make up their design and how they join together
  • Next, think about the order in which the model is constructed
  • Finally, produce a series of step-by-step sketches/instructions that they can follow once they are using the Tinkercad software.

This approach is particularly useful for students who have limited experience in using 3D modelling software. It allows them to break down their design into smaller manageable chunks, with a clear starting point, so they know what to approach first when they start to create their design using the software.

In The Classroom

As well as providing a valuable planning tool for Tinkercad, this worksheet also allows you to link the activity to work they do in computing around algorithms by producing a series of step-by-step instructions. It also allows students to foresee potential problems with creating their design and make amendments or consider ideas to solve the problems.