Design & Make an Egyptian Cartouche

This is a perfect practical activity for accompanying Ancient Egypt topic work.

In this activity, the students can spell out their names in hieroglyphics in the style of a cartouche, then 3D print their personalised cartouche.

This project is also suitable for introducing students to the TinkerCAD interface by allowing them to create their own 3D design from a template of parts.

Download the lesson plan for step-by-step instructions.

The easiest way to do this is to open the construction kit on and then just drag and drop the correct letters into position and delete the extra pieces. This is a very easy project suitable for beginners.

If you don’t use TinkerCAD you can download the construction kit .STL files for the cartouche and hieroglyphs, import them into your favourite CAD program and assemble it there. It is more authentic if you inscribe (negative space) the hieroglyphs instead of embossing them (raised positive space).

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Special Thanks

This lesson plan and TinkerCAD resources were kindly developed and shared with the CREATE Education Project by Mr Fritz, 4th Grade Teacher at Crest Memorial School in New Jersey, licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

In The Classroom

This practical lesson activity is suitable for accompanying Ancient Egypt topic work, for the UK National Curriculum 2014 for History it works well with the following KS2 objective:

  • the achievements of the earliest civilizations – an overview of where and when the first civilizations appeared and a depth study of Ancient Egypt.

It also provides a useful project for developing 3D design skills in students by introducing them to the TinkerCAD interface and providing a template of pre-drawn parts for them to develop their own designs from. More able students can progress to drawing other 3D objects in the software to inscribe with hieroglyphs such as an obelisk.

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